Australia, the country of extremes

Australia is located in southern hemisphere comprising the mainland of the world’s smallest continent. Neighboring countries are Indonesia, East Timor and Papua New Guinea to the north, the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu & New Caledonia to the north-east and New Zealand to the south-east. Australia has six states (Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania) and two major territories (Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory).

Western Australia, the Land of Sunshine, State of Dream

Perth our highly cosmopolitan metropolis set between the white fringed beaches of the sparkling Indian Ocean to the west, and the lush Darling Ranges to the east, with the Swan River “water playground” winding through its heart. Renowned for its beauty and the friendly smiling faces of its residents, no other city has more perfect climate or life-style.

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Biggest Stock Decrease Suburbs AU 31/03/2021 02:50464.7k
Biggest Stock Increase Suburbs AU 31/03/2021 02:50465.3k
Biggest Household Income Increase Suburbs AU 31/03/2021 02:50499.1k
Biggest Price Gap Suburbs AU 31/03/2021 02:50481.2k
Cheapest Rents 31/03/2021 02:50249k
Cheapest Suburbs 31/03/2021 02:50247.3k
Fastest Growth Suburbs 31/03/2021 02:50249.6k
Fastest RentalGrowth Suburbs 31/03/2021 02:50250.3k
Fastest Population Growth Suburbs AU 31/03/2021 02:50496k
Fastest Time to Sell Suburbs AU 31/03/2021 02:50436.6k
Highest Renovation Percentage Suburbs AU 31/03/2021 02:50437.8k
MiningTowns Cheapest 31/03/2021 02:50252.2k
MiningTowns FastestMedianGrowth 31/03/2021 02:50239.6k
MiningTowns FastestRentalGrowth 31/03/2021 02:50237.7k
MiningTowns HighestYielding 31/03/2021 02:50252.7k
MiningTowns LargestAvgPriceIncreaseIn4Yrs 31/03/2021 02:50251.6k
MiningTowns MostExpensive 31/03/2021 02:50252.2k
Most Distressed Percentage Suburbs AU 31/03/2021 02:50444.3k
Slowest Time to Sell Suburbs AU 31/03/2021 02:50436.9k
Top Yielding Suburbs 31/03/2021 02:50251.3k

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